Predecessor publications of the Quarterly Bulletin

  • In 1983, the Swiss National Bank began publishing a quarterly bulletin entitled 'Geld, Währung und Konjunktur' / 'Monnaie et conjoncture' ('Money and the economy'; available in German and French only). The goal was "to improve the transparency of monetary policy and ... encourage debate in this area" (from the preface to bulletin 1/1983).

    The bulletins contained the following: the Governing Board's quarterly report to the Bank Council on economic and monetary developments in German and French, which until 1983 was published with the monthly report, speeches and research papers in their original language, and the chronicle of monetary events for the previous quarter, again in German and French. Each bulletin began with a summary of all the sections in German, French, Italian and English. An additional summary in English can be found at the end of the documents for 1/1997 to 4/1997.

  • Since the 1930s, the SNB's Governing Board has reported to the Bank Council on the international economic and monetary situation, economic developments in the major advanced economies and Switzerland, the situation on the money and capital markets, and the implications of all of these factors for monetary policy.

    The report was first made accessible to the public in 1967 in German and French, as an appendix to the monthly report. From 1975, it was published quarterly. From 1983, it was published as part of the bulletin entitled 'Geld, Währung und Konjunktur'/'Monnaie et conjoncture' ('Money and the economy').

    Its title was changed several times during its period of publication. For ease of readability, the name has been unified and shortened in this list.

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