Payment Methods Survey of Private Individuals in Switzerland 2022

In autumn 2022, the Swiss National Bank conducted its third representative survey on payment methods of private individuals.

The aim of the survey is to obtain representative information on the Swiss population's use of various payment methods and to identify any possible changes in this respect. The survey comprises questions covering subjects such as people's motivation behind their choice of payment method, the importance of various payment instruments in the payments infrastructure and the assessment of their attributes.

Key aspects of the survey design


Computer-assisted telephone interview (CATI) and paper or online diary

Survey population

Language-assimilated resident population of Switzerland aged 15 and over

Sampling procedure

Random: the Swiss Federal Statistical Office's sampling frame for person and household surveys.

Survey period

Start of August to mid-November 2022

Gross sample

2,260 interviews and 2,036 diaries

Adjusted sample

2,022 interviews and diaries


SNB giveaway and CHF 100