Core design elements of the new banknotes

The new banknotes explore some of our country’s many facets: organisational talent, creativity, wealth of experiences, humanitarian tradition, scientific expertise and communicative flair.

These six sides are exemplified in an array of design elements. Some images recur on all of the notes; these are the core design elements of the new banknote series.


The hand illustrates the theme of each note through an action.


The shimmering globe reflects how Switzerland sees itself as part of an interconnected world. In the sequence of notes from 1000 francs to 10 francs, the earth rotates once on its axis and passes through one full day.


Each note depicts a particular side of Switzerland. Together, the six notes reflect the diversity of our country, which is known for its organisational prowess, for its vibrant cultural scene, for the wealth of experiences it offers, as well as for its humanitarian tradition and its track record as a research hub and place of dialogue.


Each note depicts an object related to the relevant key motif. The key motifs of the six notes are time, light, wind, water, matter and language.