Share capital and dividend

For 2022, the following dates and comments are applicable (this information is updated each January for the current year):

Share capital

The share capital of the SNB amounts to CHF 25 million and is divided into 100,000 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 250 each. The shares are fully paid up (art. 25, para.1 NBA).


The SNB shares are listed on the Swiss stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange.

Share performance

Due to the legally stipulated maximum dividend of 6%, the price of the SNB share usually develops along similar lines to a long-term Confederation bond with a 6% coupon.

Taxable value

The taxable value of the SNB share for 2021 amounts to CHF 5,240.

Dividend amount

Subject to the Annual General Meeting’s approval of the proposed profit appropriation, a dividend not exceeding 6% of the share capital is to be paid from net profit (art. 31 para. 1 NBA). The dividend is CHF 15 (gross) and CHF 9.75 (net) per share, after deduction of withholding tax.

Dividend payment

The dividend will be credited to your account.

Dividend entitlement

Shares purchased up to the ex-dividend date (3 May 2022) are eligible to receive the dividend payable on 5 May 2022.

Value date of dividend payment

5 May 2022