Sustainability management

Sustainability Report

The SNB's annual sustainability report sets out how it puts the principles of sustainability into practice in its operational activities, with regard to its employees, society and the environment.

Environmental reporting

Since 1996 the SNB has been pursuing an environmental management policy centred on an annual eco-performance assessment and aimed at reducing resource consumption. For 2009 through to 2016, the SNB published annual environmental reports laying out its objectives and performance in this regard. For the 2018 financial year, this evolved into a sustainability report with the addition of two further key areas - employees and society. The 'Environment' chapter of this new report also includes the environmental data for 2017.

Environmental impact assessment for Swiss banknotes

In 2000, the SNB carried out an analysis of the entire life cycle of Swiss banknotes (eighth series). This assessment documented the environmental impact of the series, from the harvesting of cotton to all the important production, transport, storage and treatment processes, including the incineration of destroyed banknotes.