Issuance of SNB Bills

General information

Issuance calendar

Generally, two auctions of SNB Bills are held every Thursday between 14.00 and 14.30. If a Thursday is not a bank business day, the two auctions will take place on the preceding bank business day.

The terms of the auctioned SNB Bills follow a four-week rhythm:

Week one: 28-day and 84-day terms;
Week two: 28-day and 168-day terms;
Week three: 28-day and 84-day terms;
Week four: 28-day and 336-day terms.

The issuance calendar is published on this page four weeks before the end of each quarter. Deviations and changes are possible.

The auction conditions are published on the day preceding the auction at 16.00 under the 'Announcements and conditions' heading. The 'SNB Bills - Issue Conditions' including sales restrictions apply.

Announcements and conditions

Auction results

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