Transmission of data files


Reporting institutions are called upon by the SNB in writing to take part in surveys and are required to provide information using one of the methods prescribed by the SNB.

If the SNB provides an electronic form, this shall be used for reporting and shall be transmitted to the SNB electronically.

Alternatively, reports can be submitted in xml format as specified by the SNB.

Data are submitted via the channels provided by the SNB, either via the online reporting system eSurvey or via encrypted e-mail.

Submission via eSurvey (online reporting system)

Reporting institutions have the possibility of submitting their data to the SNB via eSurvey, the SNB’s online reporting system.

Institutions with access details can log in to eSurvey by means of the following link:

If you have no access details, you can request them via

Data security

The transmission of data takes place via a secure channel (https). SSL encryption ensures that the recipient is the SNB and that submissions cannot be intercepted by third parties. In addition, institutions are no longer responsible for the installation and periodic updating of security certificates necessary for e-mail encryption.

Submission by e-mail

If delivery via eSurvey is not possible, the only address that may be used when transmitting data is Excel files or xml files should be delivered as an attachment to an encrypted e-mail. To ensure that the e-mail can be processed automatically, the structure of the e-mail must be maintained.