Quarterly Bulletin

The Quarterly Bulletin has been published in its current form since 1998. It includes the 'Monetary policy report' and the report on 'Business cycle signals' (titled 'Business cycle trends' until Q2 2017) by the SNB regional network, both of which are used by the Governing Board for its quarterly assessment. It also includes the 'Chronicle of monetary events' and occasional special reports.

Selected data from the Quarterly Bulletin are available on the SNB's data portal.

The Quarterly Bulletin can be downloaded from the SNB website in English, German, French and Italian. In English, abstracts are available for 1/1998 to 2/2002, thereafter the full report is available. In Italian, the 'Business cycle signals' report and the special reports are available from 2008, and the full report from 2017.

The German, French and Italian issues are also available for subscription in printed form.