Warning against fraudulent emails

Time and again, the name, lettering and address of the SNB are wrongfully used in connection with fraudulent emails.

The SNB has become aware of several cases of fraudulent emails mentioning the SNB either as a bank through which a payment is supposed to be made, or where an alleged credit balance is being held that is to be paid out to the recipient of the email.

In many cases, fraudulent emails ask for prepayment of a fee or disclosure of personal data (address, date of birth, bank connection, telephone or fax number, etc.) as the prerequisite for payment of the sum concerned. Contact with the defrauder generally breaks off as soon as the fee has been paid or the data disclosed.

The SNB is Switzerland's central bank. In this function, it conducts the country's monetary policy, regulates the national currency circulation and facilitates payment transactions. It does not, however, maintain any direct customer relations with private individuals and companies that are non-banks, neither does it provide any financial services.

The SNB urgently warns against money transfers or the disclosure of personal data to anybody purporting to represent the SNB and/or to maintain a banking relationship with the SNB.

The SNB recommends anyone who feels that they have become a victim of fraud to contact the relevant criminal authority.