2023 General Meeting of Shareholders

Latest information

The 115th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the SNB will be held at 10 am on Friday, 28 April 2023, in the Kursaal Bern Congress Centre, Kornhausstrasse 3, Berne.

Deadlines and participation

For 2023, the following dates and comments are applicable:

Date of General Meeting of Shareholders

28 April 2023, 10 a.m.


Kursaal Bern, Kornhausstrasse 3, 3013 Berne, Switzerland

Mailing of invitations and response cards

4 April 2023


Shareholders wishing to take part in the General Meeting are requested to order their admission card. This may either be done in writing (by filling in and signing the response card received together with the invitation and returning it to ShareCommService AG, SNB 2023 General Meeting, Europastrasse 29, 8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland) or electronically (by means of their user account on the ShareCommService AG online platform). The final deadline for ordering the admission card electronically is 12 noon on 26 April 2023.

Right of participation

Any shareholder listed in the share register is eligible to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders (art. 37 para. 1 NBA).
People listed as shareholders in the share register on 20 April 2023 and whose shares are not removed from the register before the General Meeting are entitled to participate.
All recognition requests received by the share register office before 9 am on 19 April 2023 will be processed.
The SNB will recognise only one representative for each share (art. 3 Regulations on the recognition and representation of registered shares of the Swiss National Bank).

Mailing of admission cards, including voting material

From 6 April 2023

Submission of motions

Agenda items with proposals submitted by shareholders must be signed by at least 20 shareholders and submitted to the President of the Bank Council in writing by 6 February 2023 (art. 35 para. 2 NBA).
No decisions shall be passed with respect to proposals on agenda items which have not been announced in the invitation (art. 35 para. 3 NBA).

Representation by the independent proxy

Beatrice Stuber-Jordi, Notary, or, should she be unable to attend, Olivier Jann, Notary (both Notariat Stuber-Jordi, Thunstrasse 72, 3074 Muri bei Bern), will once again act as independent Proxy in accordance with art. 689c of the Code of Obligations.
Shareholders wishing to be represented by the independent proxy may either grant their power of attorney and instructions in writing, using the appropriate forms, or electronically via the ShareCommService AG online platform. The final deadline for granting power of attorney and instructions is 12 noon on 26 April 2023.
The independent proxy shall not disclose the distribution of the votes until the vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders has taken place and shall not provide the SNB with any information in this regard.
The independent proxy abstains from voting if they are granted powers of attorney without instructions.
Signed response cards submitted to the SNB that do not include individual statements of participation and do not designate a representative will be forwarded to the independent proxy if they are linked to voting instructions. If they are not linked to voting instructions, they will be considered as an individual registration of the respective shareholders.

Representation by another shareholder

Any shareholder may authorise in writing another shareholder to represent them at the General Meeting of Shareholders (art. 37 para. 2 NBA).
Shareholders wishing to be represented at the General Meeting by another shareholder are requested to designate their representative on the response card.

Financial report and report of the Audit Board

The financial report 2022 and the report of the Audit Board can be accessed at www.snb.ch, Publications, and will be available at the SNB's Berne and Zurich offices from 6 April 2023. They can be ordered in writing, using the response card, or electronically via the ShareCommService AG online platform.


The invitation to the General Meeting of Shareholders and notifications to shareholders are communicated by letter to the addresses listed in the share register and by means of a one-off publication in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (art. 28 NBA).

Date of the next General Meeting of Shareholders

26 April 2024, 10 a.m.