SNB Research Conference: Alternative Models for Monetary Policy Analysis 19/20 September 2008

Conference Organisation

Call for Papers
Call for Papers
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Diego Comin: Innovations in Growth Potential as Sources of Output and Asset Price Fluctuations
PDF (269 kB)
Michael Dotsey: Inflation and real activity with firm-level productivity shocks
PDF (726 kB)
Andreas Schabert: Modeling Monetary Policy
PDF (400 kB)
Frank Schorfheide: Insights from an Estimated Search-Based Monetary Model with Nominal Rigidities
PDF (2159 kB)
Oreste Tristani: Optimal Monetary Policy in a Model of the Credit Channel
PDF (269 kB)
Pär Österholm: Imperfect Central Bank Communication: Information versus Distraction
PDF (361 kB)
Jordi Galí: Are Central Banks’ Projections Meaningful?
PDF (205 kB)
Volker Hahn: Monetary Policy Inclinations
PDF (363 kB)
Organising committee
Athanasios Orphanides, Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus
Marcel R. Savioz, Swiss National Bank
Samuel Reynard, Swiss National Bank
Conference Secretary
Martina Oswald
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