Research at the SNB

Research plays a vital role in the fulfilment of the SNB’s mandates. As a rule, the research on central bank-related topics is carried out in the relevant departments.

Karl Brunner Distinguished Lecture Series

The SNB has established an annual Karl Brunner Distinguished Lecture Series in memory of the internationally renowned Swiss economist Karl Brunner (1916–1989). The series will feature eminent monetary theory and policy thinkers whose research has been relevant to central banking.

SNB Research Report

The annual SNB Research Report provides a comprehensive overview of research activities.

Academic Conferences

The SNB Research Conference takes place once a year, in autumn. The SNB also organises other academic conferences in cooperation with various central banks and/or academic institutions.

SNB Working Papers, SNB Economic Studies and SNB Quarterly Bulletin Studies

The SNB publishes SNB Working Papers written by staff members. The series includes current research work and is intended as a contribution towards academic discussions and conferences. The SNB periodically publishes specialist research in the SNB Economic Studies series. SNB Quarterly Bulletin Studies, on the other hand, features short articles which are targeted at a broader, non-specialist audience.