Interested in the broad range of exciting job prospects at the SNB? If you have expert knowledge and a high level of personal responsibility coupled with an enthusiasm for the SNB’s monetary policy mandate, we would like to offer you the chance to be involved in this unique challenge.

The SNB’s primary objective is to fulfil its statutory mandate, which is the pursuit of a monetary policy in the interests of Switzerland as a whole. In fulfilling this mandate, the SNB is active in a variety of areas, including analysing the real economy and the financial sector, steering the Swiss franc money market, managing its foreign currency investments, ensuring the supply and distribution of cash, monitoring the cashless payment system and participating in international monetary cooperation. To address these diverse challenges, professionals with different academic qualifications and experience work at the SNB. They include:

  • Economists
  • IT specialists
  • Technical personnel
  • Lawyers
  • Translators
  • Banking specialists
  • Security specialists

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