Switzerland – a business location facing profound changes

Bruno Gehrig, Vice Chairman of the Governing Board

200th Anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce and Employers' Association Winterthur, Winterthur, 22.06.2001

The Swiss economy experienced the nineties as a time of ambivalence. On the one hand, the persistent stagnation led to a rise in unemployment unprecedented in the postwar period. On the other hand, the rough times brought about renewed efforts for reform both in the private and public sectors. These measures aiming at structural changes as well as the economic recovery, which began in 1997, helped to stimulate growth and to restore full employment within a surprisingly short period of time.

The globalisation of economic processes, which will continue in the near future, and the challenges posed by new technologies require unrelenting commitment toward strengthening Switzerland as an industrial and business centre. The main areas of concern are structural streamlining in the domestic economy, the labour market and education and securing stable monetary conditions.