Sixth Annual NBP-SNB Joint Seminar: Challenges for Central Banks during the Current Global Crisis, 14-16 June 2009

The National Bank of Poland and the Swiss National Bank jointly organized the Sixth Annual Seminar in Zurich from 14 to 16 June. The conference brought together academicians and central bankers to discuss current research papers and monetary policy tools with transition countries. This year’s conference topic was "Challenges for Central Banks during the Current Global Crisis", where pre-crisis conditions, the impact of the crisis on the economy and policy tools during crisis times were discussed.

Conference organisation




Organising committee

  • Werner Hermann (SNB)
  • Romuald Szymaczak (NBP)
  • Gilbert Heim (SNB)
  • Pinar Yesin (SNB)

Conference secretary

Susanna Bosshard (SNB)