SNB-CEPR Conference: Foreign Currency Related Risk Taking by Financial Institutions, Firms and Households 22/23 September 2008

Conference Organisation

Call for Papers
Call for Papers
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Conference announcement
Conference announcement
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Registration form
Registration form
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Programme committee
Martin Brown (Swiss National Bank)
Andreas Fischer (Swiss National Bank and CEPR)
Liugi Guiso (European University Institute and CEPR)
Olivier Jeanne (International Monetary Fund and CEPR)
Steven Ongena (CentER – Tilburg University and CEPR)
Speeches SNB
Opening speech by Ulrich Kohli, Alternate Member of the Governing Board
Address by Jean-Pierre Roth, President of the Governing Board, SNB
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Dániel Holló: Assessing household credit risk: evidence from a household survey
Discussion by Peter Haiss
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Martin Brown: Foreign Currency Borrowing by Small Firms
Discussion by Katalin Bodnár
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Anastasia Guscina: Impact of Macroeconomic, Political, and Institutional Factors on the Structure of Government Debt in the Emerging Market Countries
Discussion by Sébastien Wälti
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Carlos Montoro: An Estimated Stochastic General Equilibrium Model with Partial Dollarization: A Bayesian Approach
Discussion by Robert Kollmann
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Adrien Verdelhan: Common Risk Factors in Currency Markets
Discussion by Olivier Jeanne
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Herman Kamil: How Do Exchange Rate Regimes Affect Firms’ Incentives to Hedge Exchange Rate Risk
Discussion by Michael Brei
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Jean Helwege: Foreign Currency Exposure and Hedging: Evidence from Foreign Acquisitions
Discussion by Ines Chaieb
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Amrit Judge: Are the Debt Capacity Effects of Foreign Currency Hedging Real or Illusory?
Discussion by Fredrik Wilander
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Romain Rancière: A Long Run Perspective on Currency Mismatch, Crises and Growth.
Discussion by Enisse Kharroubi
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Anton Korinek: Regulating Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: An Externality View
Discussion by Cédric Tille
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Background material
Martin Brown, Marcel Peter and Simon Wehrmüller: Swiss Franc Lending in Europe
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Local information
Local information
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Local organizer
Simon Wehrmüller (SNB)
CEPR conference manager:
Nadine Clarke