Staff development

The SNB is able to fulfil its mandate and continue to overcome new challenges on the strength of its committed, reliable and highly trained staff and management. It is therefore important to us that our employees realise their potential through the appropriate support, training and deployment opportunities.

Career paths

There are basically two career paths at the SNB: the management path and the specialist path.

Where operational conditions allow, staff with the requisite potential and the relevant abilities and interests are free to take up a career in management.

Employees with a high level of technical expertise wishing to focus mainly on challenging specialist tasks have the option of pursuing a specialist career.

Further development

We encourage our staff to reach their full potential by providing an environment as well as the appropriate tools to promote individual responsibility, as well as personal and specialist development, at all levels and in all roles:

  • Performance reviews
  • Development assessments
  • Career advice
  • Future-oriented assessments

Further education

A broad selection of courses and workshops in the areas of specialist, methodology, social and leadership skills allows our staff to improve their expertise and maintain their marketability:

  • Specialised training
  • Leadership and management training
  • Personal development
  • Work techniques
  • IT courses
  • Language courses

Team and organisational development

Using appropriate means and targeted measures, we continually strive to further develop our teams, processes and organisational structures. Our management feedback, which is conducted regularly, is one of the measures which helps to advance the leadership culture and spirit of cooperation at the SNB.