The SNB as an employer

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Around 930 staff work at the SNB. Our offices in Zurich and Berne are situated at prime locations in the heart of the city, and offer modern working environments with the latest technology.

Work-life balance

Our staff can shape their working hours according to an annual working time model based on flexibility and personal responsibility. The annual working-hour target for full-time employees is based on an average working week of 42 hours.

To support staff in managing their lives and striking the right balance between family and career, we offer the possibility of part-time work, unpaid holiday and home office.

Our holiday entitlement is 25 days until the age of 50, 27 days until 60, and 30 days thereafter.


Our female staff are entitled to four months paid maternity leave (at 100% of gross salary) from the date of birth. Paternity leave is 3 weeks.

In addition to the cantonal child allowance, parents receive a voluntary family allowance.

We run a vacation centre in Hasliberg/Meiringen in the Bernese Oberland, so that staff and their families can enjoy low-priced holidays in the Alps. Together with other central banks, we also offer our employees the possibility of staying at vacation centres abroad at preferential conditions.


The health of our staff is important to us. To this end, we offer a range of measures aimed at promoting and maintaining individual responsibility for health among our employees, including an annual health allowance, a sports programme, ergonomic workplaces, healthy meals at our staff restaurants in Zurich and Berne and much more.

Service anniversary

Staff loyalty is rewarded every five years in the form of a holiday and/or pro rata salary payment. After 20 and 30 years of service, sabbaticals are possible.


Salaries at the SNB are fair and competitive, based on academic qualifications and professional experience, as well as job requirements and performance.


Our staff are well insured. We offer private accident insurance as well as additional insurance for worldwide coverage in the event of accident or illness.

The SNB pension fund is a legally independent cooperative. It is actuarially autonomous and based on a defined contribution scheme. Staff can choose to retire between the ages of 58 and 68 years old, and SNB contributions are generous.

Banking services

The SNB provides its employees with a variety of advantageous conditions with regard to banking services. These include an SNB bank account with a preferential interest rate, a securities account, a safe deposit box and a Maestro card, all of which are free of charge.

Reka checks

SNB staff are entitled to purchase a given number of Reka checks at preferential conditions each year. They can be used in payment for items including rail tickets, holiday arrangements and petrol.