14th Annual NBP-SNB Joint Seminar: Monetary policy spillovers, 10-12 May 2017

Conference organisation

Keynote speech

Session 1 (policy-oriented): Monetary policy spillovers in central and eastern Europe

Session 2: Spillovers via exchange rates

Session 3: Spillovers via banks

Session 4 (policy-oriented): Spillovers in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Session 5: Spillovers via long-term interest rates

Session 6: Modeling spillovers

Conference venue

Restaurant Metropol, Zurich

Organising committee

  • Alain Gabler (Swiss National Bank)
  • Marco Cavaliere (Swiss National Bank)
  • Gilbert Heim (Swiss National Bank)
  • Magdalena Berlińska (National Bank of Poland)

Conference office

Swiss National Bank
International Monetary Cooperation
Boersenstrasse 15
P.O. Box
CH-8022 Zurich, Switzerland