SNB data portal

On the data portal, the SNB publishes data which is of importance for monitoring the economy as well as for monetary policy; to this end, the SNB draws on external sources, such as the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.

The table selection contains predefined charts and tables which can be configured by the user. The table selection is divided into the following topics:

  • Swiss National Bank
  • Banks
  • Interest rates, yields and foreign exchange market
  • Financial market
  • Swiss economic affairs
  • International economic affairs
  • Cross-thematic publications

Within the datasets, users have the possibility to individually filter SNB survey data according to different criteria, allowing a fine-grained selection of data series. Searches are aided by means of a keyword catalogue. The selected time series can also be viewed and configured in the same format as the tables in the table selection.

Under Resources, users can find texts on the various topics as well as information on the data portal. There is also an overview for each topic which briefly describes the range of data available and the correlations.

All the time series published on the data portal can be downloaded.