Provisions on joint-stock companies

The Swiss National Bank is constituted as a special statute joint-stock company. The rights of the shareholders are embodied in the National Bank Act (; company law is applied merely complementarily (art. 2 NBA).

Share capital and dividend

The share capital of the Swiss National Bank amounts to CHF 25 million. It is divided into 100,000 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 250 each. The shares are fully paid up (art. 25 para.1 NBA).

A dividend not exceeding 6% of the share capital is paid from the net profit (art. 31 para. 1 NBA).

Stock exchange price and taxable value

The SNB share is listed in the Domestic Standard segment of the Swiss stock exchange (SIX).

Symbol/ISIN: SNBN / CH0001319265

The SNB share resembles long-term bonds rather than shares (as the dividend is limited to 6% of the share capital by law).