SNB Forum

The Swiss National Bank maintains an information and events centre at its head office in Zurich.

Latest information

The SNB Forum will close from Tuesday, 22 December 2020 and is expected to remain closed until Friday, 26 February 2021.


The information centre is a hub for visitors interested in finding out more about the SNB. Library and archive services are also available and contact can be arranged with in-house specialists.

The events centre is a venue for SNB conferences and seminars with internal and external participants.

An interactive media wall and walk-in gallery featuring a wall book allow visitors to explore the history and tasks of the SNB as well as the new banknote series.

The SNB Forum is open to the public.


Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9.30 am-4.30 pm


Swiss National Bank
Fraumünsterstrasse 8, Ground Floor
CH-8001 Zurich


Tel: +41 58 631 80 20