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Iconomix is an educational programme providing supplementary teaching units for teaching economics at upper secondary schools. Economic and financial literacy is a basic life skill for navigating today's complex world. The SNB contributes to promoting this life skill through Iconomix.

Designed for teachers

In 2022, over 1,700 teachers working at upper secondary schools made active use of the Iconomix platform. They have free access to around 100 units in four languages (English, German, French and Italian). Each unit is designed for teaching at upper secondary level and can be individually adapted by the teacher. Their practical advantages include up-to-date content, the focus on active and playful elements as well as the versatile use of digital formats.

Solid content and didactics

The SNB's values and goals also shape the Iconomix educational programme. All content is politically neutral and based on up-to-date, academically proven facts. To ensure sustainable learning success, all teaching units undergo a multi-stage evaluation process in which feedback from teachers plays a key role. The thematic focus is on basic economic principles and financial literacy.