Payment Methods Survey of Private Individuals in Switzerland 2017

The representative survey on payment methods commissioned by the SNB for the first time in 2017 pursues two overarching objectives. First, the survey is intended to provide information on the general payment behaviour of the resident population in Switzerland and on the underlying motives for this behaviour. Second, the survey aims to achieve a better understanding of the use of cash by the resident population.

The survey answers the following questions:

  • What payment methods are households aware of, and which do they possess?
  • How do households rate the features of the different payment methods?
  • How do households make payments, and what influence do the factors of amount and place have on their payment behaviour?
  • To what extent can differences in payment behaviour be explained by socio-demographic characteristics?
  • What are the reasons for the choice of a particular payment method?
  • How widespread are the two largest denominations (200-franc and 1000-franc notes) among the resident population, and for what purposes are they used?
  • What role does cash play for households as a store of value?
  • What are the motives for any holding of cash as a store of value?

Key aspects of the survey design


Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) and paper or online diary

Survey population

Language-assimilated resident population of Switzerland aged 15 and over

Sampling procedure

Random quota: sample points (postcodes/streets) and quotas (age/gender)

Survey period

Mid-August to mid-November 2017

Gross sample

2,158 interviews and 2,007 diaries

Adjusted sample

1,968 interviews and diaries


SNB giveaway and postal cheque to the value of CHF 100