NWG Milestones

12 November 2019

The National Working Group on CHF Reference Rates (NWG) gives, based on the consultation with the Secretariat of the Swiss Competition Commission, further guidance regarding options for using a compounded SARON in retail loans.

In addition, different transition scenarios are discussed. The recommendation is to transition LIBOR exposures prior to the end of 2021 wherever possible.

13 June 2019

The NWG presents a discussion paper on SARON floating rate notes and a paper on the effects of the IBOR transition on hedge accounting. Furthermore, the provision of compounded SARON indices and the progress on adapting compounded SARON are discussed.

5 February 2019

The NWG identifies and describes a set of options for using a compounded SARON in cash products. These options are also included in the «User’s Guide on Overnight Risk-Free Rates» published by the Financial Stability Board in June 2019.

31 October 2018

NWG recommends using compounded SARON wherever possible as a term rate alternative. The NWG considers it unlikely that a robust term rate based on SARON derivatives will be feasible.

Additionally, the NWG releases a checklist to help market participants become operationally ready for the Libor transition and discusses a proposal for a fallback template for retail loans.

4 June 2018

NWG releases recommended specifications for SARON Futures (term sheet).

19 December 2017

TOIS fixing is discontinued.

5 October 2017

NWG recommends SARON as the alternative to Swiss franc Libor and establishes two sub-working groups to focus on a possible transition away from Libor in loan and deposit markets (ToR Sub-NWG L&D) as well as in derivatives and capital markets (ToR Sub-NWG D&C).

15 November 2016

The administrator of the TOIS fixing, ACI Suisse, announces the discontinuation of the TOIS fixing effective December 2017.

13 January 2016

NWG decides to focus reform efforts on SARON as an alternative to the TOIS fixing. Between 2013 and 2016, multiple reform efforts with respect to the TOIS fixing were undertaken (summary). However, it became apparent that the efforts were not sufficient to reach a viable reference rate in the long run.

11 June 2013

NWG is established to reform the TOIS fixing. The NWG is co-chaired by a representative of the private sector and a representative of the SNB.