iconomix - a teaching programme


Provided by the Swiss National Bank, iconomix is a web-based tool used in the teaching of economics ( It offers a range of teaching units that can be either downloaded or ordered. It is primarily intended for use by teachers of economics and humanities at upper secondary schools.

Inspiration for lessons

Economics looks at many interesting and also surprising issues that are of relevance to everyone. When planning lessons, teachers can use iconomix to get their inspiration.

It is the ideal complement to today’s teaching resources. It allows teachers to easily put together interesting, enjoyable, task-based lessons on economics.

Teaching resources just a mouse click away

  • Free of charge: more than eight individual resources on a wide range of topics.
  • Up to date: iconomix resources always use the latest findings, data, statistics, links, etc.
  • Versatile: teaching resources for immediate use in class as well as comprehensive teaching units.
  • Progress checks: each element comes with its own set of comprehension questions and advanced questions, as well as sample answers.
  • Multimedia links: each element has a section providing additional information, such as websites, videos, charts, articles, books, etc.
  • Further training: iconomix also offers information events, workshops and symposiums.

The complete iconomix package is available in both French and German; an abbreviated version is available in English and Italian.

iconomix - discovering economics (