Annual Report 1998

Complete Annual Report [760 kb]

Foreword [71 kb]

Review of economic developments [207 kb]

  1. International developments
  2. Switzerland

Monetary policy of the Swiss National Bank [125 kb]

  1. Concept
  2. Implementation
  3. Reform of the monetary constitution
  4. Draft of a Federal law on currency and payment instruments

Financial relations of the Swiss National Bank in the Second World War [125 kb]

  1. Switzerland's gold transactions during the Second World War
  2. Class action against the National Bank

Other central bank functions [147 kb]

  1. Investment of assets
  2. Payment transactions
  3. Statistical tasks
  4. Services on behalf of the Confederation
  5. Cooperation with federal agencies
  6. International cooperation

Structure and organisation of the Swiss National Bank [96 kb]

  1. Organisation
  2. Staff and resources
  3. Changes in the supervisory authorities and bank management

Financial report [219 kb]

  1. Income statement for the year 1998
  2. Balance sheet as of 31 December 1998
  3. Notes to the accounts as of 31 December 1998
  4. Proposals of the Bank Council to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
  5. Report of the Auditing Committee to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Chronicle of monetary events [54 kb]

Tables and statistical data [122 kb]

  1. Business results since 1988
  2. Summary of balance sheets since 1988
  3. Supervisory and executive bodies
  4. Publications