Information on business operations

The links below provide an initial overview of business operations with the SNB and participation in the SIC system:

The Terms of Business regulate the legal transactions which the SNB may conclude based on art. 9 et seq. NBA.

The Instruction sheet on cashless payment transactions provides an overview of the sight deposit account and SIC systems, the categories of participants admitted and the conditions of participation.

Instruction sheet on cashless payment transactions (as at 1 July 2017)

The Register of sight deposit accounts facilitates the search for information on individual holders of sight deposit accounts with the SNB.

Operational and technical questions regarding the SIC system may be addressed to the Operations Center of SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd. ( Besides contact details and general information on the SIC system, this website also contains links to the following:

Swiss professional journal for payments (CLEARIT)
IID Index
Bank holidays in Switzerland
PDF (27 kB)

For questions about the SNB's role as SIC system manager or regarding clearing stop postponements or backup payments, please refer to SNB SIC Operations:

SNB SIC Operations

Swiss National Bank

SIC Operations

P.O. Box

CH-8022 Zurich


Tel. +41 58 631 30 30

Fax +41 58 631 51 26