Reproduction of banknotes

The reproduction and imitation of banknotes is prohibited in Switzerland according to art. 243 of the Penal Code if there is a danger of the reproduction being confused with genuine banknotes. The sole responsibility for interpreting and applying this provision of law is vested in the cantonal criminal prosecution authorities, and the Swiss National Bank therefore has no right of disposition in this respect. In the interests of legal security and equal treatment, the Swiss National Bank has listed – by way of example – in the 'Instruction sheet concerning the reproduction of banknotes' those reproductions that it does not consider likely to be confused with real banknotes and to which, therefore, the provisions of criminal law do not apply.

For advertising and training purposes, the SNB will supply, on loan, digital images of banknotes with a resolution of 150 dpi with the word 'SPECIMEN' written on them. Applications, together with details of the intended use, should be sent to the following address:

Swiss National Bank
Börsenstrasse 15
P.O. Box
CH-8022 Zurich