Banknotes and coins

The transition to a new banknote series

The eighth banknote series will gradually be replaced by the ninth in a process scheduled to take place between 2016 and 2019. The first denomination in the new series – the 50-franc note – has been in circulation since April 2016. The 20-franc note followed in May 2017. The 10-franc note was released on 18 October 2017. The next denomination, the 200-franc note, will be issued in autumn 2018. The last two denominations in the new series, the 1000-franc and 100-franc notes, are to be issued in the course of 2019. The SNB will announce each new date well in advance. Issuance of the entire new series is expected to be completed by 2019. All notes from the eighth banknote series will remain valid until further notice.


The Swiss National Bank has the exclusive right to issue banknotes in Switzerland. It supplies the economy with banknotes that meet high standards with respect to quality and security. It is also charged by the Confederation with the task of coin distribution.


Swiss banknotes are traditionally required to meet high standards of security, functionality and design. The Swiss National Bank wants to ensure that the new series also meets these requirements.

Security features

It is simple to check if banknotes are genuine thanks to easy-to-find security features on all denominations. This applies both to the current and the new banknote series.

Useful information

Find out which banknotes have been recalled, but can still be exchanged, under which conditions the Swiss National Bank replaces damaged banknotes or coins and what has to be observed regarding the reproduction of banknotes. A list of all related instruction sheets can be found here.