Eighth Annual NBP-SNB Joint Seminar "Monetary Policy and Financial Stability after the Crisis", 15-17 May 2011



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List of participants

List of participants

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Organizing committee

Werner Hermann (SNB)
Agata Lagowska (NBP)
Gilbert Heim (SNB)
Maria Wolk (NBP)


Jan Frait, Zlatuse Komarkova and Lubos Komarek: Monetary Policy in a Small Economy after Tsunami: A New Consensus on the Horizon 

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Pierre Monnin and Terhi Jokipii: The Impact of Banking Sector Stability on the Real Economy

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Nicolas A. Cuche-Curti and Jean-Marc Natal: A DSGE model of the Swiss economy with financial frictions

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Marcin Kolasa, Michat Rubaszek and Daria Taglioni: Firms in the Great Global Recession: The role of foreign ownership and financial dependence 

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Sébastien Kraenzlin: International Liquidity Provision During the Crisis

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Ana Vlahovic: Lessons learned from the crisis – experience from Montenegro 

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Nurgaisha Turekhanova: Kazakhstan and the Main Directions of the Monetary Policy in Post-Crisis Period in Kazakhstan

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Sergiy V. Kruglyk: Inflation targeting – rationale for the Ukraine to move to a new monetary policy framework after the crisis

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Zbigniew Polański: Monetary Policy Strategies – Any Changes after the Crisis?

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Marina Mladenovic Komatina: Serbia: Monetary policy challenges in the aftermath of the crises

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Piotr Szpunar: Some challenges after the crisis: is there evidence of another credit boom in emerging markets?

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Stefan Gerlach: Monetary policy before and after the crisis

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Jan Frait, Zlatuse Komarkova and Lubos Komarek: A New Consensus on the Horizon?

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Jean-Marc Natal: Introducing financial frictions in DSGE-CH

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Dorothe Bonjour: Too big to fail

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Turalay Kenc: Monetary Policy and Financial Stability

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Terhi Jokipii and Pierre Monnin: The Impact of Banking Sector Stability on the Real Economy

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Conference secretary

Swiss National Bank
Susanna Bosshard
Boersenstrasse 15
P.O. Box, CH – 8022 Zurich